BioShock Running On CryEngine Envisions Rapture Like You’ve Never Seen It Before


Few modern series resonated with the gaming community quite like Irrational Games’ BioShock; particularly the original, which infused political themes and xenophobia into a rich underwater setting. Almost ten years after it first released, the doomed metropolis of Rapture remains arguably one of the greatest video game environments ever made, and one loyal and dedicated fan (gametime414) took to remaking the entire game’s opening using the high-end CryEngine 3.

Without question, BioShock was an experience dripping with atmosphere, but this remaster allows Ken Levine’s critically-adorned opus to shine on modern day tech. For the uninitiated, the story centers around a man named Jack in 1960. As the sole survivor of a tragic plane crash, he is left stranded in the ice-cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean, only to stumble across a lighthouse (there’s always a lighthouse, after all) and journey down into the depths of the ocean to discover the lost city of Rapture.

It’s a wonderful set-up, even to this day. Granted, this level of fidelity may not be feasible for the entire game, but considering that the majority of the opening segment has you passively exploring the history of the submerged metropolis, it’s a pretty impressive overhaul nonetheless.

Will this video engineer interest in a remaster of the BioShock IP? Indeed, is an HD compilation something you would welcome on current-gen platforms? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: gametime414

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