BioWare Wants To “Strongly Support” Mass Effect: Andromeda, Looking At Patching “Lots Of Issues”

Things haven’t been going particularly smoothly for Mass Effect: Andromeda. Ever since the EA/Origin Access trial period began for the spacefaring RPG last week, fans utilizing the promotion have taken issue with various aspects of its quality, most notably its animations and character creation suite. The former, in particular, has been placed under a great deal of scrutiny, with reviews noting that the facial features and expressions (or lack thereof) of various human characters often lead to a disappointing break in immersion due their distorted and unrealistic nature. Following the controversy, BioWare stated that a day one patch wouldn’t include a remedy to the criticisms, but it appears as if the developer is listening to feedback.

Responding to questions from fans on Twitter (via IGN), Andromeda‘s lead designer Ian S. Frazier said, when quizzed about the facial animations that the team is “looking at patching lots of issues,” and intends to “strongly support the game moving forward.” However, he stops short of mentioning specifics, adding that he “can’t say more just yet.”

Likewise, when asked by one fan if more options for character creation were on the cards, Frazier responded with, “can’t promise anything yet, but we’re currently evaluating various options for making it better.”

How extensive any improvements BioWare intends to make to Mass Effect: Andromeda will be remains to be seen, but despite all of the negative reception levelled at the title, Andromeda is still very much a title worthy of your time. Yes, it may have fallen short of expectations and suffers from some very noticeable issues, but a bad game it certainly isn’t. If you’re still on the fence in regards to making a purchase, you can find our review here.