Bison And Xiaoyu Accidentally Revealed For Street Fighter X Tekken


It may be because I’m spoiled with massive rosters like those on Marvel Vs. Capcom and Mortal Kombat, but the roster for Street Fighter X Tekken is looking a little light. Thankfully, thanks to someone’s boneheaded antics at Microsoft, two more characters have been accidentally revealed.

According to a picture that was briefly featured on the game’s Xbox Live Marketplace, (it’s since been taken down,) Tekken‘s Ling Xiaoyu and Street Fighter‘s M. Bison will appear in the upcoming crossover fighting game. It’s a bit hard to make out, but thankfully the folks over at Shoryuken have the eagle eyes to spot the tiny portraits at the top of the screen, which has been zoomed in here.

I don’t think Bison comes as any surprise. He is one of the big bad guys after all. Admittedly I’ve never been big on Tekken so I’m not aware if Xiaoyu is a big deal. But hey, more characters confirmed is always a good thing.

Street Fighter X Tekken is releasing for Xbox 360, PS3 and PS Vita on March 6.

What say you, gamers? Hoping any more characters are confirmed?

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