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Watch: Resident Evil Village Mod Makes Lady Dimitrescu’s Hat Grow To Enormous Sizes

Resident Evil Village modders have created an insane new mod that gradually turns Lady Dimitrescu into a giant walking hat.

The Resident Evil franchise is no stranger to the modding community. While the vast majority of mods simply put the series’ heroines into ever-skimpier outfits, my favorites are the surreal and disturbing ones. That’s how you end up getting pursued through the Raccoon City Police Department by a very angry Thomas the Tank EngineResident Evil Village has been no exception, of course, with even the demo seeing a lot of weird and wonderful alterations.

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But a new one might be one of the strangest yet. Released by modder Kallialee, the mod makes Lady Dimitrescu’s hat grow in size every time you look at her. Her stylish accessory has become somewhat iconic ever since her unveiling earlier this year, but by the time this mod’s through with her, the villain will be more hat than woman.

Streamers have already been playing with the mod equipped and after a couple of hours sneaking around Castle Dimitrescu, the headpiece can grow ridiculously huge to the point where it looks like you’re being chased by a hat with legs. As you may guess, this makes the game substantially less frightening and more comedic, and it’s well worth checking out.

If your tastes run to the bizarre, I’d recommend another recent mod that replaces player character Ethan’s baby with Chris Redfield, creating a nightmarish special ops soldier/infant hybrid that has to be seen to be believed.

Resident Evil Village is only a few weeks old and so the modding scene is still young, but I can’t wait to see what they come up with next. Whatever it is, it’s a safe bet it’ll be something more monstrous and strange than what lurks in the dark corners of the vanilla game.