Blacklight Developer Announces Special Forces: Team X

Zombie Studios’ latest game has been somewhat of a retribution in more than just its name. Its success, and more importantly its quality, has given a renewed weight to the development team’s name, and so this announcement for their next project, Special Forces: Team X, is coloured in many (cel) shades of excitement.

It hasn’t been long since Blacklight: Retribution waged its own style of warfare, but this game is already distinguishing itself with more than just its cel-shaded aesthetic. One such distinction comes in the form of its ‘dynamic tile map system’.

Instead of voting on one of several maps, players will vote on aspects of the map leading to the potential generation of over 100 different battlefields. The game modes too have received some special attention, with genre staples running alongside the intriguing sounding ‘High Value Target’ and ‘Hot Zone Modes’.

Special Forces: Team X is currently only confirmed for the PC, and given the studio’s past efforts I wouldn’t be overly surprised if it turned out to be an exclusive.

Perhaps more platforms will be announced at PAX next week, where the game will be shown off in a non-playable state, but for now all we have is this ‘comically’ censored announcement trailer:

Sorry, the video is currently unavailable.

Source: Joystiq