Blizzard On The Verge Of Unveiling New Overwatch Hero

Blizzard appears to be on the verge of unveiling the latest hero bound for Overwatch.

According to a weapons schematic posted via the shooter’s European Twitter account, that new character will hail from the Support class, and reports indicate that it could be a healing sniper called Sombra – the Spanish word for shadow.

What lends credence to this rumor is that the blueprint is designed by fellow healers Mercy and Tororbjorn, and you can have a gander at the finer details below. At least at the time of writing though, the bearer of that weapon remains a mystery.

As we await further confirmation from Blizzard, it’s worth keeping in mind that all of Overwatch‘s new heroes will be released for free; although the studio plans to implement said characters one at a time in fear of upsetting the shooter’s balance.

Overwatch is available now across PS4, Xbox One and PC and features some of our favorite video game characters of the year thus far.

Source: Twitter