Blizzard’s Diablo 3 Console Controls Experiments Were A Success

Blizzard keeps adding fuel to the Diablo 3 on consoles rumour mill. Yet another tease was released today in the form of quotes from game director Jay Wilson. Hopefully this means that a version actually is in development for our home video game consoles.

The company is eager to discuss its console experiments, which have apparently garnered some pretty good results. They’ve been testing Diablo 3 out with a console pad, in order to see how its button layout meshes with the dungeon-crawling gameplay.

Wilson was quoted as having said: “…we feel that the controls and the style of the game lend itself to a console.” Confirmation that those experiments have been a positive success. “With some of our early experiments in putting a direct control scheme into the game via a 360-like analogue controller, I’ve been ‘Oh this feels even better, with direct control…'”

Despite this interesting reveal, Blizzard is keeping mum on announcing this functionality’s inclusion into the game. No official word has been released mentioning that it will be added into the PC version, or a future console release.

Wilson closed the discussion by mentioning the following regarding console controls:

“I can pretty much guarantee that if we decide to do a console version that we will look to support a pad on the PC,” he said. “But initially with release I don’t think we’ll be ready.”

Very interesting…

Diablo 3 has begun its closed beta stage.