Book Of Demons Slashing Its Way To PC This Summer


Book of Demons, a new paper-styled RPG from developer Thing Trunk, is set to hack’n’slash its way onto PC later this year. The game is a dark, action RPG that’s part of the Return 2 Games series that Thing Trunk have outlined in their plans for future development, and it takes a parodic, reimagining look at a classic genre.

Book of Demons, then, will be players’ first glance at the Paperverse in which all Return 2 Games titles will be set. For this outing, the developers took inspiration from some gruelling classics from the genre, and talked about these inspirations in a recent press release:

We were always fascinated by the intensity of the experiences in games from the 90’s, especially Diablo 1 which, in our opinion, is one of the best hack & slash games of all time. Book of Demons is a tribute to this sentiment.

Book of Demons will feature a card-based character system, hordes of skeletal enemies and many more classic tropes from the action RPG genre. At present, its main features are said to include:

Paper cut-out graphics.
Upgradable card system that unifies items, spells, and skills.
Unique movement and fighting system for more strategic gameplay.
Flexiscope™ system that adjusts sessions size to players’ liking.
Endless end-game mode with 100+ challenges.
First truly accessible hack & slash.
Randomized dungeons.
Single-player campaign with 3 character classes.
60+ different monster types.
Lots of humor.

Book of Demons will be arriving for PC in Summer this year, and you can check out the announcement trailer at the top of this page.