Borderlands Developer Gearbox Software Teasing New Game Announcement For December 1


Gearbox Software CEO Randy Pitchford has teased the imminent announcement of a new game from the studio. Replying to a fan on Twitter asking about the possibility of a Duke Nukem/Gears of War crossover, Pitchford replied with “on December 1st, we are announcing something you might really enjoy.” No explicit mention of a new game is made, but considering the date mentioned just so happens to coincide with this year’s The Game Awards, it’s not out of the realms of possibility that Gearbox will make the announcement there.

Best known for the Borderlands and Brothers in Arms series, the studio’s other credits include Battleborn and the critically panned Duke Nukem Forever, so there’s certainly no shortage of potential announcements waiting in the wings. While we’ve not heard a great deal recently in regards to follow-ups for any of the aforementioned titles, Gearbox has confirmed previously that a new Brothers in Arms game, as well as Borderlands 3 are in development for current-gen systems. Of course, there’s always the chance that Gearbox is working an entirely brand new IP, but considering that almost every property it currently has control of is ripe for a sequel, we can’t imagine that’ll be the case.

Considering the context of the Tweet, perhaps Gearbox has actually secured some sort of collaboration with The Coalition and Microsoft for a Duke/Gears crossover? The most unlikely outcome of all, sure, but you just never know. Keep your eyes peeled on We Got This Covered on December 1 for the definitive answer.