Box Art For Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Reveals 3DS DLC Service

Thanks to the ever-so-subtle boxart of rhythm-RPG hybrid Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy, we now have confirmation of Nintendo‘s answer to Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, as well as a look into which game on the 3DS will have DLC first.

Twitter user Joshua_x_ tweeted the above picture showing off the orange logo in the corner there, revealing that Nintendo has their own Nintendo Network coming.

Upon further inspection of the details on the poster the above picture comes from, it details that Theatrhythm will support DLC, and will be paid DLC at that. That means this is the game that will be the first to break-in the DLC plans for the 3DS.

I, for one, welcome this. Although the game itself is said to carry about 50 tracks on the game card, there are tons more tracks possible for something like this, considering there’s about 25 years of Final Fantasy history to pull from.

What say you, gamers? What games do you think will support DLC in the future for the 3DS?