Brink Launch Trailer

Bethesda is getting ready to launch Brink, the highly anticipated FPS which arrives tomorrow. While the game takes on the form of a shooter, it also focuses on parkour style movement and hopes to offer players something unique by offering the SMART (Smooth Movement Across Random Terrain) system, which allows gamers to navigate complex environments with ease. From everything we’ve seen so far, the game looks fantastic, and our Brink hands-on preview was more than glowing.

For me personally, I’m just looking for something unique and different in the FPS genre. The genre seems to be in an odd position. With each new FPS game released, it seems to be just a clone of the last FPS game we played. Many will admit that it’s hard to find a unique and original FPS game anymore and I’d have to agree. So with Brink, I’m hoping that all changes. Will it though? I guess we’ll find out tomorrow.