Bruce Wayne Has A Lot On His Plate In Batman: The Telltale Series’ Episode 3 Launch Trailer


Batman: The Telltale Series‘ third episode drops tomorrow for all major platforms, and to get you ready for another round of crime-fighting as the Dark Knight, the developer has released a foreboding launch trailer. Titled New World Order, the follow-up to last month’s episode will see Bruce Wayne having to hold the fort on multiple fronts as Gotham is besieged by several criminal organizations.

Chief among them is the mysterious Children of Arkham gang, who led the attack on Harvey Dent at the behest of their leader: Penguin. Judging by Dent’s now-scarred visage, we don’t imagine it’ll be too long until the upstanding member of society turned psychotic villain starts his rampage as infamous villain Two-Face. Besides all of the threats he’ll be facing as Batman, Wayne will also have numerous run-ins with Selina Kyle as she slowly reveals more of her past to the billionaire.

As we touched on previously, New World Order marks a crucial point in Telltale’s daring series. While the interactive story’s first episode was a fitting opener, Children of Arkham fell a bit flat with critics, with many criticizing its slow pace and relatively inconsequential narrative.

Be sure to check back with us tomorrow to see our full review of Episode 3: New World Order.