Bulletstorm Not Cutting Corners

Yesterday was no exception; nothing but good news and OTT gun sounds from the People Can Fly studio over at Epic. The brains and gunlords behind EA’s mega shooter Bulletstorm, have been making efforts to put to rest worries that the PS3 version of the final game will be inferior to the Xbox and PC versions. Popular gibberish is that because Epic haven’t made a title compatible on a Playstation system in a while, they might find the hard work too..erm..hard, and just sloppily port it over onto Sony’s powerhouse of a console instead of matching the standard of the other versions.
Mr Cliff Blezsinski kicks this weasel of a rumour straight in the arse and generally makes us wet ourselves with excitement over how sweet Bulletstorm is going to be. Check out the video below courtesy of the Playstation.Blog.

Am I the only one who suspects that it’s going to be VERY hard to go back to a military grunge CoD style FPS after playing this? Ahh make way for the long missed genre called ‘real-fun’ *takes safety clip off nuclear minigun*

(Notice the stuff about co-op, more on this in another article)