Bungie Details Destiny’s Mandatory Day One Patch As Servers Go Live


After much anticipation and glowing reviews following the game’s preliminary beta test back in July, Destiny is now upon us. But, before you can take to the skies and explore Bungie’s space opera, the studio has confirmed that a day one update — entitled patch 1.0.1 — is required.

Weighing in at 296MB, the patch is essentially designed to polish and refine the game on its grand debut. This includes changes to stability and the general user interface, as well as stat tweaks to a variety of weapons in the interest of fairness.

Chief among these balance changes is the in-game Assault Rifles, which have had their damage, stability and accuracy reduced. Moreover, fans of the Pulse Rifle will be pleased to know that the burst-fire armament has been enhanced in all of the three aforementioned stats. In essence, those who are yet to experience Destiny to date aren’t likely to notice these finer details, but players who experienced the game during the alpha or beta stages will surely appreciate Bungie’s last-minute decisions.

Speaking of which, the company has also responded to player feedback in the wake of the beta and altered the difficulty of the infamous Spidertank, thereby reducing the arachnoid’s leg health by 16%. Meaning that you won’t need to rely on a squad of like-minded Guardians to take down the Fallen enemy.

Destiny is available today across PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. For more on the game’s maiden update, be sure to head over to Bungie’s dedicated site.

Source: Bungie