BurgerTime World Tour Is Now Available On PSN

Fledgling digital chefs on the PlayStation Network can now get to work on the platforming grill. MonkeyPaw Games has released BurgerTime World Tour onto PSN, for a set price of $9.99.

A re-imagined take on a classic 1980s arcade game, BurgerTime World Tour puts players into the role of a burger-making chef. He must drop ingredients from one level to another, while avoiding food-related baddies.

The downloadable game was previously released on Xbox LIVE Arcade.

Games are an art form. Each piece is a culmination of previous works and new ideas. Historical roots can be seen in every game today. I’m an old-schooler and I’ve always believed we need to remember where our roots came from in order to understand where games will go in the future.

We first started thinking about retro evolution when we cooked up MonkeyPaw Games. Our idea was to recapture the mechanics of our favorite games and bring them to next-gen consoles. We strived to keep the essential focus of the games while giving more modern elements and functionality. Multiplayer was a must. Keeping the hook was paramount.

Now we’re releasing our first game that defines this retro evolution on the PlayStation®Network today. BurgerTime World Tour captures the spirit of the original as we emulated the mechanics and matured the surroundings. We placed our hero Peter Pepper on a rotating 3D cylinder so that he could explore a wider world and make fat burgers across four environments. Bosses were added to spice up his travels…as if getting chased by angry condiments wasn’t bad enough! Now Peter can jump which offers lots of platforming elements as well as being able to dodge enemies with a menu of tasty power-ups. He can even cop a ride on a rocket to travel quickly through a level!

So you see there is a lot going on in a game that still resembles the original but is really a brand new experience. BurgerTime always made you want to keep playing and BurgerTime World Tour has that same addiction. The art of making burgers is just as relevant today as it was when we were growing up, only now it seems so new.

BurgerTime World Tour is available today on the PlayStation®Network for the tasty price of $9.99. Download BurgerTime World Tour today and show your support for our mission on revitalizing classic gaming experiences for the true gamers. Follow us on Twitter and join our discussion on a whole new shift in retro gaming. We’ll continue to bring back those retro classics you love and will continue listening to all your suggestions.