BurgerTime World Tour Revamps Classic Arcade Action Today

Almost twenty years ago, Data East released a game which became a smash hit at arcades throughout North America. It was a game about a burger chef, who needed to walk across burger ingredients in order to make them drop onto each other; thus creating a tasty sandwich. Since that would be an incredibly easy game as is, the team added in some nasty condiment enemies who had to be avoided or defeated during the game’s weird cooking process. That described game was called BurgerTime, after its name was changed from Hamburger, prior to its North American release.

Throughout this console generation, the gaming community has expressed great interest in revisiting classic titles, through downloadable means. Upgrades, revamps, re-releases and sequels have all graced online marketplaces over the last several years. Their goal is always the same; an attempt to rekindle fond memories within a die-hard fan base, while introducing something classic to a new crop of gamers. Today marks the latest release under this strategy, as MonkeyPaw Games and Frozen Codebase have released a fully 3D revamp known as BurgerTime World Tour. It includes 50 stages and multiplayer mayhem.

BurgerTime World Tour is now available on Xbox LIVE Arcade, with WiiWare, PSN and Windows PC release dates yet to be announced. Become a trampling chef for 800 Microsoft Points.

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