New Call Of Duty: Black Ops Escalation DLC Trailer


A new trailer was released today for the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops DLC, Escalation. Looking to offer four new multiplayer maps, plus a new level for Zombies, the map pack will hit the XBOX Live Marketplace on May 3, 2011. Activision has said the following about the upcoming DLC.

“In multiplayer, battle it out in Hotel, on the roof of a Cuban luxury hotel and casino against the vivid backdrop of old Havana; Convoy delivers intense, close-quarters combat at the scene of an ambushed US military convoy; Zoo takes you on a wild ride in an abandoned Soviet Russian Zoo, with danger at every turn; Stockpile pits players in a remote Russian farm town housing secret WMD facilities. For Zombies fans, ‘Escalation’ features a unique Zombies experience.”

Mark Lamia from Treyarch also recently spoke about the DLC saying that:

“In crafting the Escalation multiplayer maps – Zoo, Convoy, Hotel and Stockpile – the team developed them to be distinct experiences in their own right, giving players the variety they crave in both setting and gameplay. And I don’t want to spoil any surprises for Zombies fans, but Call of the Dead takes it to a whole new level.”

The map pack will be going for 1200 Microsoft Points and you can probably expect an experience similar to the First Strike map pack. For me, 1200 Microsoft Points isn’t worth it for just a few more maps. I’ve never been much of a map pack guy buy I’m probably in the minority. Black Ops is the most played game on XBOX Live and I’m sure Activision will have no problem making money on this.