Call Of Duty: Elite Beta Already Boasting 2 Million Participants

The new subscription layer that Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will offer on launch is being put into a special beta early next month on July 14th. The aptly named Call Of Duty: Elite is set to offer a new range of social tools that enable specially tailored community matchmaking, advanced theatre mode editing, and more expansive viewable player statistics.

While the initial reaction to Elite was decidedly mixed, in just under two weeks, Activision have had 2 million gamers put their name down to be on the beta next month, it seems you’re all rather curious about it.  Activision kept their presence at E3 fairly low key this year and it would seem they are hoping to entice the masses when things are a little quieter.

It also seems that Beachhead (the new studio developing Elite for Activision) hope that even more people to enlist. As Activision’s Social Media Boss says:

“Don’t be discouraged by the big number, thinking you shouldn’t bother because they already have enough people – two million volunteers among 30 million Call of Duty players is a small amount. More would be even better. Once you’ve signed up, just watch your email inbox for an invite.”

Have you signed up yet?