Call Of Duty: Ghosts Steals Modern Warfare 2 Cutscene


So we all know that Call of Duty has become a bit of a lazy series. It doesn’t really have to do much to innovate or to differentiate as no matter how any given entry turns out, it will still sell like crazy. Call of Duty: Ghosts is no exception to this. In our review, we point out how the developer has really stopped trying when it comes to the campaign mode. Everything included in Ghosts feels very “been there, done that” and now, we have even further proof of this.

A YouTube video making the rounds today points out how Infinity Ward has ripped off a cutscene from Modern Warfare 2, essentially delivering the exact same scene in Ghosts. Check out the video below to see for yourself just how similar it is:

See what we mean? It’s one thing to re-use similar animations and/or models, as motion capture is expensive, but this is something else entirely. Those who defend the developer may call it a homage but I call it lazy. IW seems to be fully focused on the multiplayer portion of their Call of Duty games at this point and while they do deliver in that area, there’s still no excuse for a AAA game to have such an uninspired campaign.

What do you think? Is it ok that Infinity Ward has put little to no effort into the single player campaign of Call of Duty: Ghosts? Let us know in the comments below.