Capcom Explains Male-Only Nature Of Deep Down; Release Date Remains Undecided


Earlier this week, Gematsu published a report concerning Capcom’s forthcoming free-to-play RPG Deep Down, revealing that the game will only feature male avatars as playable characters. According to the report, the studio refrained from introducing female “for story purposes,” and now, the game’s producer Kazunori Sugiura has clarified this design choice.

“This article makes the claim that the game has 12 playable characters, all of whom are male. As producer in charge of this project, I would like to respond and clarify. While the main character of Deep Down is indeed male, he is the only playable character in the game.”

At first, many were led to believe that the male-only nature of the game was merely a translation issue, and that Capcom made the conscious decision to omit female characters. According to Sugiura, though, this is simply not the case, as the game will only feature one selectable protagonist among his surrounding Ravens comrades.

In terms of a western release date, the studio stated that it hopes to “release more information soon.” Initially, a Deep Down beta was scheduled to launch alongside the PS4’s debut in Japan — which is due for release on February 22nd — although it’s understood that this testing has since been pushed back.

“Although no announcement has been made regarding an overseas release of Deep Down, we are happy that the title is drawing attention in regions other than Japan,” Sugiura continued.

Having been unveiled at the PlayStation 4 reveal event, Deep Down has been in the public sphere for close to a year now. As a procedurally generated, free-to-play title, the specifics of the PS4 exclusive remain undisclosed. Mind you, it’s understood that the game’s storyline will transition between a Dark Souls-esque medieval realm and New York in the year 2094. Great Scott!

Expect more information regarding Capcom’s new IP in the coming months. Until then, be sure to check out the recently released prologue trailer to gain a sense of the time-hopping RPG.

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