Capcom Looking Into Implementing An Arcade Mode For Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V

Are you one of the many who’ve found yourself disappointed in Street Fighter Vs single-player (or lack thereof) content? Well, there’s good news for you – potentially, anyway – Capcom’s “looking into” adding an Arcade Mode to the game in the future.

In email correspondence between a Capcom rep and Forbes, the rep – when asked if Capcom intended to implement such a mode into Street Fighter V – said that “the team is looking into adding an Arcade Mode and we’ll have more information to share soon.”

Sadly, the definition of ‘soon’ is largely subjective, so there’s no telling when the mode will make it into the game. The lack of an Arcade Mode in Street Fighter V has been just one of the many gripes players and critics alike have taken issue with in the game, lamenting the fact that the series was born in Japanese arcades, yet featured no such mode upon release.

Server outages, stripped back features and a general lack of content has put the pressure on Capcom to deliver on its promise of more content in a large update due in March, which includes a new character, Challenge and Boss modes, and the ability to purchase costumes from the in-game shop.

Further down the road is a full, cinematic story mode which is currently due to release in June. There’s certainly plenty of new stuff in the works for Street Fighter V, then. But will it be too little too late for the more casual fans that aren’t interested in competitive multiplayer? Only time will tell.

Source: VideoGamer