Capcom Reveals Deep Down And Panta Rhei Engine At PlayStation 4 Event


One of the most impressive — and to be perfectly honest, the most unbelievable — videos shown during Sony’s PlayStation 4 debut event this past week was a trailer highlighting Capcom’s latest intellectual property, deep down (working title), and the new Panta Rhei engine that powers the game.

Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono (the lovable creator of the Street Fighter franchise) took to the stage during the event to briefly discus the Panta Rhei game engine that they are developing alongside the new PlayStation 4 fantasy/action game, deep down. Ono didn’t reveal much about what exactly the new game is, however, the trailer makes it appears as if its subject matter is similar to Dragon’s Dogma and Monster Hunter — or any other game that involves a group of sword wielding adventurers attacking a dragon.

Despite the inclusion of some minor HUD elements in the trailer, I’m skeptical of Capcom’s assertion that what we were shown was actual deep down gameplay footage of the title running on the PlayStation 4 hardware. It would be fantastic if that is actually what we get with Sony’s upcoming console, but I’d be surprised if the next generation CGI cutscenes even end up looking that good.

I could be wrong, but the whole thing looked too good to be true and it reeked of Killzone 2‘s PS3 debut — which not only didn’t end up looking like the actual game, but was basically on par with this week’s reveal of Killzone: Shadow Fall for the PlayStation 4.

At any rate, check out the video below to see Capcom’s full presentation of the Panta Rhei engine and deep down (working title) game at the PlayStation 4 event — skip over to the 4:20 mark to see just the trailer for deep down. Make sure to let us know your thoughts on Capcom’s new engine in the comments. Was this a bunch of bull-shots or the real deal?

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