Capcom Unveils First Look At New MMO Dragon’s Dogma Online


With PlayStation 4-exclusive Deep Down in development along with the newly-announced Dragon’s Dogma Online, Capcom Online Games is exhibiting a whole new approach. For one, each title is being built from the ground up as a free-to-play experience, incorporating microtransactions in the process, all the while focusing on four-player gameplay.

And today, the Japanese publisher released the very first gameplay footage for the latter role-playing title, which is set to launch for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC later this year. Showcasing the various classes within the MMO, this sizzle reel effectively establishes the core gameplay in keeping with the open-world Dragon’s Dogma title that released back in 2012.

Now, though, Capcom is taking matters a step further by expanding the RPG out onto the canvas of a massive and persistent world. According to the studio, players can form teams of four to explore the mystical realm, while the more challenging raid missions will require squads of eight. Not much more is known about the DDO at this early stage, but the trailer above provides a good indication of what fans of the franchise can expect come launch.

Speaking of which, at the time of writing, Capcom has only announced release plans for Japan and currently has no intentions of bringing Dragon’s Dogma Online to the west. That may change depending on the reception in its native market, but for now, eager fans may be forced to import the title from overseas.

Tell us, what do you make of the first-look trailer for Capcom Online Games’ RPG? Indeed are you disappointed to learn that the game may never make its way west? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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