Capcom Vancouver Talks Dead Rising 3 In Brand New ViDoc


Teeth, facial deformities and fingernails are just three of the new details that those who enlist into the nightmarish zombie apocalypse of Dead Rising 3 will see. The series’ first next-generation offering, which is slated to release in November as an Xbox One exclusive, will (unsurprisingly) be its largest and most detailed entry yet. Plus, if pre-release buzz is to be believed, it should also end up being Capcom’s biggest zombie-filled triumph. Thus far, that is.

Developed in beautiful Burnaby, British Columbia by Capcom Vancouver (formerly Blue Castle Games), Dead Rising 3 is said to be a “truly open world game.” What that means is that the action/horror mix will provide fans with an open world that is free of loading times, making for a seamlessly streamed experience. Furthermore, said world will be larger than a combination of the two previous games’ environments. Therein, everything will be able to be used as a weapon against a much more varied assortment of shambling brain-eaters, with combination weapons once again made available to those who wish to experiment.

Take a look at the game’s brand new developer ViDoc below:

I have to admit: Dead Rising 3 is quickly becoming my most anticipated next generation release of Fall 2013. It keeps looking better and better every time I see its media and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

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