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Capcom’s Resident Evil 3 Remake Reveal Could Be Closer Than You Think

According to teases by one reputed industry insider, Capcom will officially reveal the Resident Evil 3 remake much sooner than first thought.

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Resident Evil 3‘s long-awaited remake is real, that much we know, but when is Capcom likely to make an official announcement?

Thanks to a number of previous rumors and educated guesses, the inevitable reveal is presumed to take place on December 13th. That date is when this year’s Game Awards ceremony is due to kick-off and, as one of the few remaining industry events of 2019, fans are expecting host Geoff Keighley to walk out on-stage next week to break the news. Short of the event’s organizers coming out to discredit such suspicions, then, the possibility of a VGA appearance is still very much a possibility.

With that said, however, it now appears that Capcom could be intending to showcase Resident Evil 3 even sooner. At least, that’s the takeaway from recent teases supplied by prominent industry insider Daniel Ahmad over on Twitter.

There is, of course, every chance that Ahmad has decided to have a little fun at fans’ expense amidst the hype, but given their track record for accurately leaking several PlayStation State of Play presentations in the past, it doesn’t take a degree to put two and two together. For what it’s worth, Sony has yet to announce any such event for the near future, though these sorts of community updates are often confirmed only days prior to airing, so it’s not outside the realms of possibility. It’s worth noting, too, that this year’s Resident Evil 2 remake was first showcased during Sony’s conference at E3 2018.

Ultimately, we’ll just have to wait and see what transpires, but with just over one week to go until the VGAs and Ahmad implying that Resident Evil 3 will have its premiere date prior to then, our first glimpse at gameplay looks set to arrive within a matter of days. Stay tuned for further developments.

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