Catherine Will Seduce Europe This February

European gamers who have been awaiting an announced release date for Catherine on their side of the pond, can now jump for joy. The critically-acclaimed romance RPG slash puzzle game will be making an overseas trip this February, thanks to Deep Silver. Atlus will not be handling publishing duties in that territory.

In addition to the release window announcement, a Deep Silver representative also confirmed that first-run copies of Catherine will include a double-sided insert. That way, gamers can choose which interested lady they would like to feature on the front of their case. Will you go with the stable and very conservative Katherine with a ‘K’? Or, will you choose to fall under the temptation-heavy spell of the seductive Catherine with a ‘C’? It’s your choice.

“This way consumers will get the opportunity to select their personal preference,” stated a Deep Silver representative, “as to which of the women in his life the game’s main character, Vincent, should choose.”

Fans of quirky puzzle games and unique role-playing experiences should certainly check this one out. It’s unlike anything else you’ve ever played, but in a good way.