Celebrate Lemmings’ 30th Anniversary With A Documentary Film

Lemmings Documentary

First released in Europe on Feb. 14, 1991, 2021 marks the 30th anniversary of the all-time classic puzzle game, Lemmings. Now, Exient, the publisher of the most recent Lemmings release, is remembering the retro title with a new full-length documentary film.

Lemmings 30th: Can You Dig It? is coming later this year and will feature interviews from developers, media, and fans. The documentary will explore the iconic puzzle game’s development and look at the series’ legacy across the gaming industry. You can watch a trailer for the film below.

Lemmings was originally published by Scottish studio DMA Design for the Commodore Amiga. Players guide little green-haired humanoid creatures to a level exit, protecting them from untimely drops and deaths along the way.

Since the title’s 1991 release, Lemmings has been ported, remastered, and rebooted across every console generation. The most recent release comes from the studio Sad Puppy, whose 2018 release of Lemmings on iOS and Android refines the gameplay for handheld devices.

Lemmings 30th: Can You Dig It? will premiere online in Q4 2021.