Become A Champion With This New Kinect Sports Rivals Trailer


Releasing on April 8th is the Xbox One exclusive Kinect Sports Rivals. Though it was originally set to be a launch title for the console, the game was delayed in order to give developer Rare some more time to apply a bit of polish. Now, the wait is over and in roughly two weeks you’ll be able to take part in several activities (climbing, soccer, bowling, tennis, target shooting and wake racing) as you compete against friends and “become a champion.”

While I know that it’s not for everyone, I’ve actually been turned into a Kinect believer in recent months. I never got into it when the product first launched, but with the Xbox One especially, I find myself really enjoying its capabilities and uses. As for this upcoming title, I liked what I saw from the demo that came with the console (Kinect Sports Rivals Preseason) and considering that the full version promises even more exciting content, I see no reason why I won’t find myself spending significant time with it once it releases.

Speaking of the game’s release, Microsoft has dropped a new trailer this week to educate consumers on what exactly the title involves, and from the looks of it, we’re in for a great time. Kinect Sports Rivals appears to be the perfect multiplayer/party game, allowing you and your friends or family to compete against each other in a number of activities. It may not look that different from previous titles that follow a similar format, but what’s here usually proves to work well and I’m definitely eager to give the game a spin.

Kinect Sports Rivals launches on April 8th. Sound off below and let us know which sport you’re most looking forward to competing in.

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