Will You Take A Chance On Square Enix’s Holiday Surprise Box?

Square Enix

As a number of developers gather their PR teams and marketing geniuses together to come up with sales boosters in the Christmas period, Square Enix has revealed details of their own holiday bundles, and it seems as if they’re adding an element of mystery and chance to it.

Dubbed the Holiday Surprise Box, this bundle is available for a limited-time purchase of $9.99 and is set to contain downloads for 5 of the developer’s PC titles. The box can be grabbed at this price until December 17th, and the contents will be revealed and delivered to purchasers at midday on the 18th. Tempted? Well here’s how Square Enix are trying to grab the attention of PC punters:

For just $9.99 you will receive a surprise selection of our most exciting PC download games worth over $80! Stuffed with 5 PC download games, and additional store offerings, this is one holiday treat you just can’t pass up!

There’s no definitive word on whether the bundle may be randomized from a larger list or whether each purchaser will simply get the same games, nor is their any indication as to just what games will be included, save for the collective valuation of “$80.”

PC gamers out there will now be asking themselves one question: “do I feel lucky?” Well, Square Enix certainly hope that you do.