Check Out The New Heroes Trailer For Epic Games’ Paragon


A brand new trailer for Epic Games’ Paragon has debuted today, and it showcases a number of the new playable heroes for the upcoming MOBA. Demonstrating the powers of four new heroes, the trailer packs enough action and strategy into its runtime to give you just a few hints at what each individual will be capable of.

The footage introduces four heroes: Gadget, Feng Mao, Rampage and Kallari. Each has an ability demonstrated during the trailer, with their effectiveness highlighted in different stages. Early on, Gadget is shown to have a mechanical ‘Search & Destroy’ ability while Feng Mao follows up with a couple of devastating melee attacks once Gadget has lured foes into the open.

Their victory is quickly short-lived, however, and the powerful Rampage enters the fray to rain devastation with a ranged ‘Boulder Throw’ attack. Kallari arrives late, but is no less deadly as Gadget is despatched by a terrifying ‘Death Sentence’ assault.

Paragon is set for release in Spring 2016, and is going to feature explosive action in Epic Games’ first MOBA venture. It will be available for PS4 and PC.

Source: Games Press