Check Out The Early Access Gameplay Trailer For Crazy Pixel Streaker


Crazy Pixel Streaker has now arrived in Early Access and you can get your hands on all of the frantic, naked action you want by checking the game out through Steam. A new gameplay trailer is accompanying the release, and you can check out the insane bowler game in all its glory in the video above.

Each stage of the game takes place in a different sporting arena, as you’ll guide your crazy pixel streaker around leaving chaos in your wake. Developers Luberitum are encouraging players to get in touch and give their feedback on the game as they try to hone the features ahead of the full release.

But what are those features, as it stands? Well, at present Crazy Pixel Streaker boasts epic boss fights, various mini-games, bonus missions, animal mounts and even permadeath. It’s some list for a so-called “small” indie title, but Crazy Pixel Streaker‘s charm lies within its wonderful mixture of genre features that are packed so well into its more meagre frame.

Crazy Pixel Streaker can be picked up through Early Access now, ahead of the eventual full release at some point in the future.