Check Out The Teaser For Rainbow Six Siege’s Next DLC ‘Operation Dust Line’


The next expansion for Rainbow Six Siege is taking players to the Middle East to take on the role of two playable Navy SEALs: Valkyrie and Blackbeard. This free set of DLC was revealed with an action-packed teaser, showing off some of the new locations that will be included.

But while the teaser was certainly full of action, it’s hard to pick an awful lot of meaningful detail out of clips. It seems that Valkyrie will be equipped with a shotgun and deployable sticky cameras, giving a boost for surveillance across the new maps. Blackbeard carries a weapon with an attachable shield above the barrel which, despite looking like a car’s windscreen, will provide valuable protection on the run.

Of course these character comments are based on the assumption that Blackbeard is the character who actually has the beard in this clip, but either way it seems both will add some unique gameplay options.

The newest Rainbow Six Siege content is set for release on May 11, but there will be a Twitch live-stream that will reveal more information a few days before, on May 7. Check the out the teaser at the top of this page.