Chinese Tanks Join The Fray In Latest Update For World Of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition


Great news for fans of World Of Tanks’ Xbox 360 Edition; today’s patch for the game has added in a brand-spanking new Chinese tech tree with over seven new war machines to get acquainted with. Unlike the existing trees for the rest of the world’s superpowers, Wargaming has stated that China’s biggest boon in relation to its competitors is lots and lots of speed.

While unparalleled speed is a common trait with these new tanks, it’s not until you get to the higher tiers where their firepower begins to pick up. With slow, but hard-hitting guns at their disposal, Chinese lights can perform a dual battle style of light and medium tank tactics adequately. Against unsuspecting foes, your gun can pack a punch like a medium tank, however, if better armored opponents appear, don’t hesitate to turn on the jets.

For players who pride themselves on versatility while out on the battlefield, the Chinese production line looks squarely focused on providing the best of both worlds between light and medium tanks.

Check out the list of new additions below:

  • NC-31
  • VAE Type B
  • Chi-Ha
  • M5A1 Stuart
  • 59-16
  • WZ-131
  • WZ-132

As an added bonus for those who prefer the console version of Wargaming’s MMO tank simulator, World Of Tanks will be making the jump to Xbox One in just a few weeks, releasing on July 28.