Chrono Trigger Rated By ESRB For Wii Virtual Console

Not too long ago, we reported that Square-Enix’s incredibly popular RPG, Chrono Trigger, had been rated for the PlayStation Network. Now we’re hearing that what is arguably one of the best games of all-time is set to debut on the Wii’s Virtual Console service. The ESRB recently released a rating for the game for the Wii, in North America. And it makes sense considering it was previously announced for both the European and Japanese Virtual Console services.

There has yet to be any official announcement regarding price, though the Japanese listing states that the game will see a 100 point mark-up, making it a premium download at 900 Wii Points ($9,) as opposed to the standard 800 point Super Nintendo price point. It’ll be well-worth it though, because the game is extremely rare in its native form, and will give you a ton of bang for your buck at this incredibly low price. Nintendo could probably charge a lot more for it if they wanted, so a price mark-up of one dollar isn’t anything to scoff at.