SimCity: Cities Of Tomorrow Announced


It seems like just yesterday when we all watched the train crash that was SimCity‘s launch. However, unlike a great deal of people, EA and Maxis did not give up on the historic franchise and their support will continue this November with SimCity‘s first major expansion, SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow.

Moving away from boring traditional cities, Cities of Tomorrow will instead allow gamers to design the futuristic cities of their dreams. Think all cities should be drenched in neon? Go for it my friend. You think the future won’t be radically different from where we are now? That’s kind of boring, but hey, whatever floats your boat I guess.

I avoided SimCity when it originally came out due to two specific reasons. One of them was that my computer would run the title pretty poorly, but the other had to due with the aforementioned disastrous launch. I really do think it was one of the worst launches in the history of gaming and it doesn’t really seem like EA actually fixed the problem. Sure, you can play the game now, but the title still needs to be online at all times due to the flimsiest of reasons.

With that said though, I’m kind of interested in Cities of Tomorrow. Let’s face it people: the future is cool. We all want flying cars and robots and maybe, just maybe, this expansion pack will make those dreams happen. All I ask of Maxis is the ability to design one of two future cities. One of them is, of course, The Jetsons elevated city. The other would be the dystopian cities of District 9/Elysium. If I can’t rule over the city like either Mr. Spacely or a bloodthirsty sociopath, it almost doesn’t seem worth it.

We will have more information on SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow when its November launch approaches. Does anyone even still play SimCity? If so, will you let me know if it is actually worth owning these days?