Up Close And Personal With Survival Mode From Modern Warfare 3

Back at E3, gamers caught a glimpse of the new Spec Ops footage for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. It’s basically designed as a variant of the ever-popular Horde survival mode from the Gears of War series, where two players battle increasingly difficult waves of terrorists solely focused on killing you. Currency is gained through kills that reward you through the purchasing of new guns, extra ammo and nice additional goodies like air support or turrets.

Toady, a two-part video has been released showing off eight full rounds of Spec Ops in all its bullet-ridden glory that’s guaranteed to get veteran fans of Call of Duty extremely pumped for November 8th. As elaborate as the new Spec Ops mode might seem, it’s somewhat sad that the former model it once was in Modern Warfare 2 has evaporated into a more cut-and-dry approach.

That’s not saying it’s going to be worse then it was before, just less original. The co-op stealth missions from Modern Warfare 2 were particularly memorable for the severe emphasis on teamwork and expert patience that was required to finish them. Nonetheless, fighting alongside a friend and setting up defenses against Juggernauts looks to be perfected in the revamped form of Spec Ops.

The levels themselves look fun to explore and finding the best areas to hold off the invading enemies is always a blast. Check out the video below and be the judge on whether this new mode is another reason why Call of Duty will dominate gamers lives this fall.