Cold Stream DLC For Left 4 Dead 2 Breaking Out Of Beta July 24

Valve encourages and facilitates user-made content more than any other developer, and the ‘Cold Stream’ campaign in Left 4 Dead 2 is a testament to the advantages of this approach. It has been playable in beta form on the PC for a while, and has proven to be incredibly well conceived and remarkably popular.

This highly-anticipated DLC pack, which includes the final version of Cold Stream as well as the remainder of the Left 4 Dead campaign console ports, has now been revealed to be breaking out of quarantine on July 24.

Releasing simultaneously on both the PC and Xbox 360, Valve‘s official announcement also teases that more details will be revealed concerning “some other surprises” included in this free (for PC) update. One known extra, is the often requested evolution of the mutation mode in order to make them all available at once.

As someone who has played, died (a lot) and survived (just) the beta version of ‘Cold Stream’, I can’t wait to see what the final polish has brought to an already magnificent map. It uses the environment incredibly well, and stands out as one of the most challenging campaigns.

Survive with us here at We Got This Covered, as we await more details surrounding the Cold Stream DLC.