Commando Perk Will Not Be In Modern Warfare 3

Likely to be met with joy by many, and disappointment by few, Infinity Ward Creative Strategist, Robert Bowling tweeted recently that the divisive Commando perk will not be included in the final list of upgrades when Modern Warfare 3 rolls out in November of this year.

To refresh your memory, the Commando perk allowed you to have greater melee attack range with your knife, and when you unlocked the Pro version, you also got to negate any fall damage you may have otherwise received.

Considering a knife attack is instant death, many believed this perk was overpowered, presenting users with a somewhat unfair advantage while their opponents reached new levels of frustration trying to figure out how their killer was able to make up so much ground so quickly.

Said to be a way of re-balancing the multiplayer experience, Infinity Ward most likely also listened to fan feedback when deciding to level the playing field by getting rid of this controversial perk.

It’s still up in the air whether they will use the Pro variant and continue to negate fall damage.

Call of Duty multiplayer will always have its frustrating moments, but it is good to know that they are willing to make major changes in order to have a better overall experience.  Even though it’s tough to beat a quality knife kill in terms of the satisfaction you get, it is much better in the long run that the Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer is a balanced experience for everyone.