Company Of Heroes 2 (Steam Activated) Release Day Deal Is 20% Off


Mother Russia’s under attack in today’s highly anticipated Eastern front RTS release, Company of Heroes 2. Gamers that have enjoyed playing through the closed beta (and the recent demo) will be happy to know that release day doesn’t always equate to full price, especially for the digital version of the game.

Updated! $42 for Company of Heroes 2 (Steam Activated)
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Green Man Gaming’s 20% off coupon code drops the MSRP of $59.99 to $48, a solid $12 in savings. This is the Steam activated version, meaning you’ll get a Steam key to add Company of Heroes 2 to your ever growing library of “games that you’ll totally play one day.”

Those that are fans of WWII settings are probably aware that there aren’t too many popular video games dedicated to the Eastern front of WWII, save for maybe a couple of titles in the Call of Duty series (though that’s a completely different genre than Company of Heroes 2). This is actually surprising since by itself the conflict between Germany and the Soviet Union was the largest land war in history – even surpassing WWI which had both eastern and western fronts. Although on the flip side, most games are geared towards the U.S. market so there’s little surprise that there are few games with a Soviet or Nazi protagonist.


WWII settings aside, the grim storyline and focus on tactical based squad combat wins Company of Heroes 2 mostly positive reviews from the critics. The positives and negatives of the game seem to revolve around the fact that it plays similarly to the original Company of Heroes. On the negative side, many notes that it feels like the same game, but conversely on the positive side, Relic didn’t mess with the things that worked well in the original and still managed to improve upon the gameplay.

If you’re waiting for the Steam Summer Sale to see if Company of Heroes 2 will go on sale, based on past price history, we doubt this recently released title will be cheaper than the current 20% off. So you can either grab this Steam key now from Green Man Gaming or wait and see. If you’re not in a hurry, this RTS certainly isn’t going anywhere.