Conception II: Children Of The Seven Stars Reveals Character Identities Via 7 Animated GIFs


Dude, animated GIFs! Those things are like, sweeping the internet! Make sure you pronounce it “jiff” though, so you don’t sound like a complete and total square. Pronunciation aside, the only thing better than animated GIFs is probably anime-ted GIFs, and that’s exactly what ATLUS has provided for the upcoming Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars.

For the full scoop on the game’s premise you can check out our previous coverage, but essentially it’s an RPG-turned-dating sim in which you must literally woo and make babies with seven Star Maidens, resulting in Star Children who can subsequently become warriors and help save the world. It sounds like somewhat of a roundabout apocalypse deterrent, but if it works it works, I suppose.

The good news is, we now know the identity of the seven ladies in question, and as mentioned, ATLUS has delivered the goods. You can check out the awesome imgur gallery they’ve put together to see everything all in one place. Be warned, some of these magical moving images “flirt with the edge of NSFW,” but it’s nothing too scandalous.

Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars looks more and more fun every time I see it, so definitely stay tuned for our review come the Spring. Until then, we can only hope ATLUS supplies a strong and steady GIF-stream to hold us over. Oh, there’s a trailer for the game too – it’s actually quite good and serves as a nice primer if you know nothing about what you’re stepping into, so be sure to hit the play button and get educated.