Control The Batmobile From Dawn Of Justice In New DLC For Batman: Arkham Knight


Those of you who picked up the $40 season pass for Batman: Arkham Knight earlier in the year are in for quite the treat, as Rocksteady has detailed the vast swathes of DLC headed to the action-packed threequel before the year’s end.

As the studio points out over on its official blog, a number of these content packs will release free of charge, with October welcoming the launch of additional Batmobile tracks, character skins, and a string of all-new AR challenges. It’s worth noting that there will be no additional modes or missions arriving this month, with Rocksteady keeping the enticing content under wraps until November and December.


For many, the crown jewel will be the revamped Batmobile from Zack Snyder’s Herculean blockbuster Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, while players will also be able to don the suit worn by Ben Affleck’s Caped Crusader in the feature film. There’s no word of a specific release date for either, though we assume it will be towards the beginning of the month, with November also playing host to a couple of Arkham Episode missions and the much-anticipated expansion Catwoman’s Revenge. The add-on, which focuses primarily on Selina Kyle, follows the release of A Matter of Family, Red Hood Story, and Harley Quinn Story.

Beyond that, December is also chock-full of new content to look forward to, after Rocksteady confirmed that the story mode expansion, Season of Infamy: Most Wanted, will arrive before the year’s end. It’ll feature both Killer Croc and Mr. Freeze from the DC vault, and you can check out a brief teaser of the DLC below.

“Mad Hatter is playing a sinister mind-game with Batman, and GCPD’s finest are the pawns,” reads a line from the official story synopsis. “Killer Croc has escaped from his maximum security cell and is wreaking havoc on a crashed airship. The League of Assassins has returned to Gotham City, but what is their motive and who is in charge? And Mister Freeze may be closer than ever to completing his life’s work… but at what cost?”

Batman: Arkham Knight is performing remarkably well for both Rocksteady and Warner Bros. – even when you factor in the botched PC version – with the companies recently confirming that the critically-adorned threequel had hit 5 million units sold. For a full rundown on the content headed to the game over the next two-to-three months, check out the handy graphic below.