New Copies Of Batman: Arkham City Include Catwoman Unlocking VIP Pass

Catwoman will become a playable option in Batman: Arkham City, through the use of a VIP pass code, according to a Warner Bros. representative. A code slip will be included in all new copies of the highly-anticipated sequel.

Those who purchase the game used will have to pay a bit of money ($9.99/800 Microsoft Points) to unlock the feline-impersonating jewel thief. Though, she is not a mandatory download whatsoever. The game can be completed fully without ever donning her leather outfit.

“Playing as Catwoman is not required to complete the game,” reads a quote from a Warner Bros. rep who spoke to Eurogamer regarding the matter.

The leather-clad Catwoman character is just one of the different playable characters who will become available for use in Batman: Arkham City. Two others (Robin and his alter-ego, Nightwing,) have already been announced as downloadable content for the game. Plus, there are more than fifty Batman skins available for purchase. Yes, that is a staggering number of customization options.

Batman: Arkham City will be released next Tuesday, October 18. At least, the console versions will be. Their PC counterpart was recently delayed into November.