Far Cry 3 Has Beautiful New Screens

One thing that the Far Cry series has been known for is its beautiful environments, complete with visceral vistas that make gamers wish they could take a vacation. The next instalment in the series is certainly no different, as Ubisoft has released some very pretty screens for Far Cry 3. They’re coming to you straight from the floor of Gamescom in Germany.

Provided for your perusal below are several new screens that show off some fast-paced gunplay, spectacular environments and even some enemies who happen to be “sleeping with the fish”. We’re very impressed with what we’ve seen and you’re sure to be too.

Check the images out and let us know what you think about this move back to the jungle. Did you like the African setting for Far Cry 2? I personally enjoyed it quite a bit, apart from the great amount of tedious travel involved within.