CryEngine 3 Tech Demo Demonstrates Top Secret Toad Tessellation

The graphical prowess of CryEngine 3 has already been demonstrated through 20 minutes of Crysis 3 gameplay, but details of the engine itself have so far remained in the beautifully rendered shadows. The latest video brings some of the engine’s features into the fore, and it is almost too beautiful to believe.

Toads have never tessellated so well, and whilst the technology behind it is top secret the results are impossible to ignore. This tech trailer, which uses footage captured within Crysis 3, demonstrates the dynamic nature of the lighting, the amount of detail that each leaf will be rendered in and many other fascinating features of the new engine.

If Crysis 3 represents nothing more than a graphical evolution for the franchise then all we will have is a new, admittedly beautiful, benchmark. However, if the gameplay itself has undergone similar improvements perhaps we can expect something rather special.

Source: GameSpot

Sorry, the video is currently unavailable.

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