Crysis 3 Officially Announced Along With Videos Of New Graphic Technology

Rumors of Crysis 3’s existence started breaking out a few days ago. Though the internet was buzzing with speculation and rumors, nothing was confirmed until today.

With the official announcement also came the first teaser. While it doesn’t tell us much outside of the fact that Crysis 3 is going to look very pretty (something fans of the series should have been able to count on), we have found a few tidbits of information for you guys.

Cevat Yerli, Crytek’s CEO, says that Crysis 3 will be more of a spiritual successor in gameplay to Crysis 1 than Crysis 2 and is hinting that it will have more of a sandboxish feel. Cevat later announced that Crysis 3 would indeed look better on the PC as well, by taking full advantage of DX11’s advanced lighting system.

Tiago Sousa, Crytek’s Principal R&D Graphics Programmer, went a bit deeper into this stating that the PC version will support new Anti-Aliasing methods. Sousa was quoted as saying that the PC version will have Crytek’s new “SMAA with all modes (T2x on consoles )+ Nvidia new TXAA + all MSAA modes +something new.”

Sousa also said that that the available AA quality modes, for the PC, will be 1x,t2x,2x,4x. According to Tiago, the T2X method uses reprojection+ weighting, and as a result of that, there won’t be any “ghosting” at 30hz. The PC version will also support a combo of 2x,4x with MSAA.

Consider my jimmies rustled. Crytek is releasing a gameplay trailer tomorrow but in the meantime, take a gander at the preview and a quick video showing off the AA settings below.

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