Crysis 3 Delivers An Explosive Showing At E3

Little that remains cloaked may have been revealed about this anticipated sequel, but E3 still managed to bring out the big guns with the unveiling of an impressive Crysis 3 gameplay demo. Maintaining the series focus on “adaptive warfare”, the game will see Prophet traverse seven distinct locales, known as the seven wonders, from high rise laden cities to leaf laden “urban rainforests”.

The video itself, in which Prophet had to destroy a Hydrodam, consisted of various intriguing insights as well as the usual pyrotechnics. The ability for players to “choose [their] own path” was a rather prominent feature, and having shown all three approaches the not so negligible differences between them were clearly displayed.

Another notable aspect was the relationship between Prophet and the woman giving him his objectives. Not so much ignoring her orders as merely trying to impress her through his over-achieving bravado, it will be interesting to see if his propensity for daring dissent will end up causing problems for Prophet in the future.

With a release window of February 2012, we don’t have long to wait before we can draw back the bow of Crytek‘s latest visually stunning shooter.

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