Crysis 3 Has Been Revealed Prior To EA’s Intended Date

UPDATE: Electronic Arts has responded, telling Joystiq that “The best kept secret in shooters just can’t be contained.” They furthered that comment by announcing a reveal date for April 16. No details were given, but MadFanboy is reporting that the game will take place in New York City like its predecessor, with the city having become “almost a jungle.” It is expected that the game will launch in Spring 2013.

The problem with the Internet is that information can leak onto its servers before a company intends to make an official announcement regarding a product or service of some sort. Sometimes, those things happen when a news outlet receives a scoop, or an internal memo is leaked. However, it’s much less common for said company to accidentally showcase something before its intended date and time. Despite its noted rarity, that has happened once again with today’s Origin listing for Crysis 3. Electronic Arts has yet to tell us anything about their next series release, but its digital download service operators jumped the gun by posting listings for Xbox 360 and PC versions of the supposed sequel.

Furthering this story is the fact that NeoGaf users have noticed that the popular Swedish magazine, Game Reactor, had released art teasing the game’s reveal. It’s too bad that those momentous plans were spoiled.

It’s expected that EA will remain tight-lipped on this matter, but you can rest assured that we’ll keep our eyes open for any information pertaining to Crysis 3. For now, take the time to examine the incredible bow that is featured on the game’s (potential) cover art.

If you’re a PlayStation 3 owner, then you might be worried about the lack of a listing for Sony‘s high-definition console. If I were you, I wouldn’t fret it, considering that the game’s predecessor made its way onto the popular device.

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