Crysis 3’s Hunter Mode Multiplayer Uncloaked At Gamescom

Crysis 3 recently unveiled some of the features of the new CryEngine, but it is the game’s multiplayer that is the focus of the most recent trailer unveiled today at Gamescom. The franchise has so far fallen somewhat short in this area, but this brand-new ‘Hunter Mode’ may be just what the predatory player base has been after.

Supporting up to 16 players, this new mode tasks two cloaked Hunters with taking down 14 Cell troopers before the time expires. If even one CELL trooper manages to survive for the duration of the game, they have won. It initially seems somewhat easy despite the Nanosuit abilities of the minority team. However, each slain trooper respawns as a Hunter, meaning that the dynamic of the game can swiftly shift from safely surviving within a group to cowering in a corner all alone.

The concept behind this new Crysis 3 multiplayer mode is intriguing, but as with many of the deaths seen in the trailer below the most impressive aspect will lay within its execution.

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