Cyberpunk 2077 Dev Apologizes For The Game And Offers Refunds

Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 has largely been hailed as a success by critics and fans alike for offering one of the most immersive RPG experiences of this generation, though it hasn’t escaped criticism by any means. Accusations of transphobia aside (see here for the full story on that), players of CD Projekt RED’s sprawling open world have taken particular issue with its performance, especially on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, where bugs and visual glitches aplenty are commonplace. Folks on modern gaming PCs have generally enjoyed a smoother experience, though not even superior hardware has granted the platform immunity to certain egregious problems.

There is, of course, the promise of free upgrades next year for owners of Microsoft and Sony’s new consoles to look forward to, but that’s hardly an excuse for the current situation. The adaptation of Mike Pondsmith’s popular tabletop game was, after all, announced way before either company unveiled their next-gen tech, essentially making it a last-gen release.

The Polish studio has reiterated numerous times since launch last week that it plans to stamp out the majority of issues being reported, but also recognizes that many justifiably don’t want to wait. Now, an apology published earlier today (see below) goes into greater detail about two major patches scheduled to land in January and February and subsequently asks for patience until they’re ready for deployment.

Cyberpunk 2077

For those not interested in waiting, CD Projekt Red says that starting now and until December 21st, owners of the title can request refunds for physical copies by contacting [email protected] Digital copies, on the other hand, require contacting the respective platform via existing channels.

An unfortunate outcome for Cyberpunk 2077‘s honeymoon period, then, but where do you stand? Will you be getting your money back ASAP, or do you plan on weathering the storm, so to speak? Sound off in the usual place below!