Cyberpunk 2077 Originally Had Wall-Running, Car Ambushes And More

Cyberpunk 2077

If you’ve frequently found yourself questioning the relative lack of content variety in Cyberpunk 2077 while exploring Night City, it’s not just you.

It’s been well-documented by now, of course, that CD Projekt RED was forced to pull several gameplay features during the RPG’s development due to time constraints and other variables, but how much was really left on the cutting room floor? Chances are we’ll never know the full extent of what went on behind closed doors, though a new report by Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier at least sheds light on some of the larger omissions made during the title’s troubled creation process.

Over on Twitter, Schreier recalls a number of talking points cut from his original article, including several paragraphs describing why and how so many concepts teased in pre-release trailers never found their way into the full release. “If you’re wondering just how much Cyberpunk 2077 changed over the past decade: well, up until 2016, it was a third-person game,” he says, adding: “Features that were originally envisioned (wall-running, flying cars, car ambushes) were cut along the way.”

While not specified, one can only assume that all of the above was ultimately removed along with the original third-person perspective likely due to compatibility issues, though some, such as a clearly stripped back police chase system first advertised several years ago, shipped in its final state as a result of numerous last-minute cram sessions. “As is evident by the final product, it was unclear to some of the team why they were trying to make both an RPG and a GTA with a fraction of Rockstar’s staff,” Schreier continues, before proceeding to liken a general air of arrogance among upper management to the infamous “BioWare magic” that contributed to Anthem‘s fall back in 2019.

Will this be the last we hear of Cyberpunk 2077‘s dismal path to launch? Almost certainly not. Stay tuned for more inevitable revelations.